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We offer effective GI Earthing Electrode, Earthing Electrode etc which efficiently fulfill your requirements...

About Us

From food industries to hardware industries, use of chemicals is common in almost every domain. No matter the chemical is used in the manufacturing process of something or to clean a place, it is effective if its composition is accurate and it is high in quality. To offer the best quality chemicals, we, Fine Chemical Power emerged in the market as a reliable manufacturer. Our range includes Di Calcium Phosphate, Earthing Electrode Chemical, Earthing Chemical, Back Fill Compound, Black Fill Compound, Earthing Electrode, Earthing Pit cover, Lightning Protection System etc. These are the first choice of the customers who belong to different domains and have observed their effectiveness to meet the requirements. It is important to maintain consistency in quality and we have put all our efforts to make this possible, without any exception. The clients who trusted us during the initial days of our journey are with us till today. No other suppliers successfully satisfied their needs like us. This has given them the reason to stay with us as well as recommend our name to others. Further, our expertise in the domain has helped us in understanding the needs of the clients and meet their expectations.

Why to Choose Our Chemicals?

Today we are supplying our chemicals to many major companies all across India. They are all popular for performing like a leader in their respective domains. These companies never give a chance to any chemical manufacturer as they want to maintain their leading position and safeguard their positive image of quality products in the market. They have trusted us owing to their observation about our product range. Following are the features of our array which impresses clients and make them choose our chemicals:
  • Finely processed
  • Accurate composition
  • Dirt and adulterant free
  • Highly effective
Our Vision

We started our company with a vision to make customers think of us every time they are in need of high quality chemicals. This dream has been achieved, and now we want to acquire the top most position in the chemical industry and set new quality standards. We strive day and night to make this happen.